When it comes to paying independent contractors, there are often questions about per diem payments. Per diem is a Latin term that means “per day”. It is a payment made to cover daily expenses incurred by an individual while on a business trip or assignment. But can you pay independent contractors per diem? Let’s find out.

According to, the answer is yes, you can pay independent contractors per diem. However, there are certain rules and guidelines that you need to follow to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

In Australia, for example, if you have a shareholders agreement with your independent contractors, you may need to include provisions regarding per diem payments. This agreement governs the relationship between the shareholders and outlines their rights and responsibilities.

In cases of a jual beli rumah agreement (a property sale and purchase agreement), per diem payments may be mentioned if there are delays in the completion of the transaction. This type of agreement ensures a smooth transfer of ownership between the buyer and seller.

Furthermore, if you are involved in the entertainment industry, you may be familiar with a recording release agreement. This agreement grants permission to record, distribute, and release an artist’s music. Per diem payments may be included in this agreement to cover expenses incurred during the recording process.

In the world of sports, collective bargaining agreements play a crucial role. For example, the AFLPA collective bargaining agreement governs the relationship between the Australian Football League Players’ Association and the league. Per diem payments may be mentioned in this agreement to cover travel and accommodation expenses during games and tournaments.

Another important aspect to consider is data use agreements. For researchers using the i2b2 platform, a data use agreement must be signed to ensure the responsible handling and use of data. Per diem payments may be included to cover any expenses incurred while accessing and analyzing the data.

During the currency of a contract, such as a rental agreement, per diem payments may not be directly applicable. However, if the contract extends over a long period of time, additional expenses may arise. For example, if you are using a rental agreement as address proof for a bank, additional expenses like travel or accommodation may be required. In such cases, per diem payments may be negotiated to cover these expenses (source).

Intellectual property rights are often transferred through IPR transfer agreements. These agreements ensure that both parties involved are protected when it comes to the ownership and use of intellectual property. Per diem payments may be mentioned in these agreements to cover any expenses incurred during the transfer process.

Lastly, in the context of car sales, a car sales contract may not typically include per diem payments. However, additional expenses such as transportation or accommodation for the buyer or seller may be negotiated separately.

In conclusion, the ability to pay independent contractors per diem depends on the specific agreements and contracts in place. It is important to carefully review and negotiate the terms to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Per diem payments can help cover expenses and facilitate smooth business operations.

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